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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ceili Report

Anne came and taught her fabulous reel to 36 willing dancers last night, and we had another dozen for the beginning class. The total head count for the evening was over 60. Color me impressed.

We need to figure out a better plan for musicians though. Much as I love Dave, we need some sort of rhythm instrument to go with him at least. Otherwise the dancers have to concentrate too much on hearing the music. So, perhaps I will attempt to dragoon Matt into joining us. Or if Flonk and Jan would just come on home, they could fix it right up.

The funny thing about Anne's reel is that when she first started teaching it to us, I said there's no way we could dance it at the Plough because of a move in the body that went way outside of the square and there just wouldn't be room to do it there. Now we have a big huge wooden floor and there's no problem. This is very very cool.


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