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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


There has been much dancing. This is good.

Friday was Friday Night Waltz. Always good, this was very nice because Anne was DJ'ing and she kept picking polkas she knew we'd enjoy doing Irish to. She also busted out the Brazillian samba action. I danced with several gents I'd never met before. Could it be there are new guys in the dance scene? Woohoo! One didn't immediately cringe when I mentioned he'd make a lovely Fezziwigger. Oh yes, it's June, and Fezziwig recruitment brain is on high.

Saturday was PEERS Space Cowboys. Again with new people to dance with and I finally got to waltz with Rex who I had intended to dance with at the Plough on the fateful Monday. He's pretty cool - a former ballet dancer just learning vintage ballroom, and his daughter can dance in 3 inch platform boots. I'd break an ankle. Color me impressed.

Sunday was dance rehearsal for Anne's wedding. I was, for some unknown reason, a total zombie on Sunday, but I still managed to get through the dance. It's starting to sink in and be pretty. I know the body and I know the figures, now I just need to work on the transition between the two. Two hours of dancing later I was starting to wake up and feel human. Every fiber of my being cried out saying, "Just go home and bond with the sofa, or crawl in bed and read a book." But I valiantly ignored that and went for dinner with Fred and Malaya and Paul and Karen after dancing, and then Paul and Karen and Rick and I went to see Shrek 3.

Monday was Alameda ceili. More dancing. Lots more dancing. Yay!

Tuesday was Pryanksters at home. I think I have the tune for Feign I Would permanently wedged in my head, horribly semi-tuned fiddle and all. On the flipside, I think I've finally got 29th of May glued in. It's a really fun dance and a pretty tune that I dearly wish was stuck in my head instead of Feign. Grimstock makes sense to me now, though I'm still leary of any dance with waves - Waves of Tory or Grimstock. I've gotten a fist to the forehead one too many times in Waves of Tory. Luckily with a line of only 3 couples this is far less likely.

I felt a bit bad about not making it to the gym over the weekend, but y'know, I think I'm getting my exercise with at least 2 or 3 hours of dancing every day.


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