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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google Dance Performance

Went to Google for lunch and dancing again today. We ended up having 8 folks sort of by accident because Rollie just came by for lunch, and Bob made it out of work after all. So, we did an impromptu polka set, plus the planned Chutney modification. Polka set followed by Chutney makes me winded and my feet were on fire because the stage was in the sun. As I felt the heat building up from friction and hot floor, I wondered if I'd have blisters again like that time at Gold Rush Days at History San Jose all those years ago. My feet seem to be definitely scorched, but not blistering, so they should be fine again by morning. But it was good, and I had a yummy burrito for lunch, and then drove back to campus listening to the Pixies on the radio (hooray for 104.9's format change back to Alternative!). Compared to yesterday, it definitely feels like June now. Driving along, the Pixies and the B-52s sounded like the right sort of music again. There's something about those bands that seem so much more right in the summer. I stopped at 7-11 for a Slurpee and now I'm back to watching my online course on Managing Without Authority. And tonight I get to go play with a boxful of kittens. Have I mentioned lately how good I have it? Yeah.


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