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Friday, June 22, 2007

He Made Me Blush

I had this oddly stressful afternoon yesterday dealing with a bunch of ceili stuff - music issues, insurance issues, people issues - before driving out to Berkeley to go to a possible new venue for the ceili (because people want beer and food). Add to that a bad project team meeting where I felt like a total wet blanket. So, I was rather grumpy headed to Berkeley.

And then this guy pulls up next to me two lanes over on the bridge. He mouths, "You're beautiful. No really, I mean it." I go back to the conversation I'm having with Rick, now blushing madly. He keeps pace with me. He professes his interest again. Eventually he asks for my phone number, miming dialing the phone. Just when I couldn't take the shear mortification any longer, he pulled off the freeway.

I get a lot of affirmations from friends and loved ones that I'm cute or dressed up neat and pretty, but they know me, so it's not quite the same level of... something... surprise maybe? as when you get this sort of thing from a total stranger. It's just really flattering. Made me smile a lot for the next half hour. You mean I'm not the awkward teenager I still mostly perceive myself as? Neat. And here I was thinking I was having a bad hair day. Go figure.

Anyway, made it to Spuds. Dealt with venue stuff. Spuds might work, but it's a bit small if we keep having 60+ crowds. Space was a limiting factor at the Plough for a lot of years and I don't want it to be if it doesn't have to be. The ABA has been great to us so far. I figure we'll see how crowds stay over the next month or so and then decide whether the space or the food is the better trade-off. So, venue issues deferred. Back to music issues, insurance issues, money issues, people issues...


  • Yeah, so this oughta be worrying.

    When I met you, you were subbing for my CS class in high school. I didn't realize you were the teacher at first and thought "Y'know, she's pretty cute."

    I clued in pretty quickly and any greater embarrassment was avoided as a result, but, y'know, you are totally hot!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:02 PM  

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