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Friday, June 08, 2007

Kitten Snuggle Attack

The kittens have fearsome powers of play and cuteness. Roused from naptime, they proceeded to play rambunctiously for at least an hour, Spitfire and Blackie going end over end in an endless brother/sister brawl. Fiona liked Rick a lot and he got her chasing the feather on a stick toy to a point of pure comedy. Right and left the stick goes, then faster, then faster, til the kitten's head is vibrating back and forth. Poor little thing looked like she was having a seizure, but really she was just having too much fun. Meanwhile, little Gizmo is the runt of the box. Being the smallest, he could run behind and under places the others couldn't get to.

After an hour or more of running, jumping, fighting, and playing, kittens started picking humans to curl up on. Blackie liked my hair and wanted to lick my fingers. Spitfire fell asleep in Kev's arms. Fiona stuck close to Rick. We kept trying to leave, but they had their kitten cute rays turned on full strength. I reckon we'll be back for more next week.


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