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Monday, June 25, 2007


Fair Oaks Faire is generally a ritual in heat endurance. This year was different though. It was only in the high 80s rather than the traditional high 90s or last year's high 100s. I didn't melt, but unfortunately I didn't take sufficient precautions with items in my car, and my purse became part of the ritual sacrifice. I made a shrinky dink out of one container in my purse. Comparing it to a similar item in my office, it shrank about 25%. Also, my lip color exploded, popping the end off the bottom and spewing goo all over, hardening up though before smearing far. My Labello melted and reformed in the shape of the container.

It's funny to me because I grew up in Sacramento and I know better than to leave things pent up in a hot car all day, but I've lived long enough in the bay that I didn't actually think about it carefully. 88 degrees plus several hours makes a the car into a highly effective oven. Oops.


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