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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Wedding Reel

Anne & Heraldo's wedding was lovely. The first dance was gorgeous, and Anne managed to get her dad through the father/daughter dance with elegance and grace. There were dance performances every hour - Decadance, Belly Dance, and us, billed as Nuevo Ceili. We did the Wedding Reel that Anne wrote. Folks liked it more than I expected. Personally, I love watching Decadance. They're the one performance group I think I'd consider joining, save for the fact that just watching them makes me feel like a talentless hack. Anyway, the wedding reel went well. Karen and I had one moment of, "Wait, what's next? Oh shit! Southern Cross! Go go go!" This entire conversation brought to you by the panic in our eyes.

The cool thing is that Anne has cleared her teaching schedule for the week and wants to come up for the Alameda Ceili. She's going to teach the Wedding Ceili tonight at 8, so if you want to learn it, show up on time.

I'm ever so slightly amused that as Anne takes the week off from teaching dance, she's decided to come teach dance for fun. It's good to love what you do. I'm so happy she's found a place in the world.


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