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Monday, June 04, 2007

Went out for milk...

My morning coffee was fouled by my milk having spoiled over the weekend. I failed to run a sniff test before pouring and that first sip was not the warm, comforting morning greeting I was looking for. I poured it out and went back to my desk, but was lacking focus, trying to figure out when exactly I could go fetch milk, where I should do that, and all the while missing my morning cup of comfort. (The coffee speaks to me every morning saying, "Yes dear, I know it's not right that you're out of bed and expected to be productive already. It'll all be just fine.")

So, I didn't have any meetings cluttering up my morning schedule, and figured it'd be more productive to just go fetch milk now rather than continuing to waste brain power on the question. Off to 7-11 on Lytton.

Dear Bicyclists,
You are on wheels. I don't care if you don't stop at the stop sign when there's no one in cars in the intersection. It's sort of a tree in the forest question at that point. But if there are lots of cars waiting, then please stop at the stop sign like every other wheeled vehicle. You are not a pedestrian even if your wheels are traveling in a cross-walk. That makes you a law-breaker, not a pedestrian. After six years on campus, I'm not going to feel *too* bad for hitting you if you jump out in front of my already moving car after I have waited my turn at the stop sign. You're a Stanford student; in theory, that means you're relatively bright. Please use your brain or someone will run over it.

Also, to the guy talking on your cell phone sitting at the corner of Palm and Arboretum waiting to turn left after having just drove over the paint on the road that says NO LEFT TURN and sitting at the stop light that has no less than three no left or U-turn signs, thanks for at least leaving your signal on so that I knew to use the other lane, because you clearly can't read English nor pictographs. No, I have no idea why you're not allowed to turn left there, but that's how it is, and all those folks honking behind you should've been a tip off.

Back again to my desk, hot coffee in hand. The coffee says, "It's okay sweetie. You're in your office safe from all the stupid people."


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