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Friday, July 20, 2007


On Wednesday, our neighbor's newly acquired chickens got out of their cage. The rooster spent a couple of hours on my roof. Initially, I interrupted my dinner to go out and help shoo the chicken. After 20 minutes it was pretty clear the chicken had no intention of going back to a cage. I went back to my dinner.

How do you know you live in the ghetto? When you're chasing your neighbor's chicken while the scavengers dig through the recycling bins on the street.

This morning, the rooster apparently grew up and realized that he could crow. So he did. A lot.

Turns out you're not allowed to have a rooster older than 4 months in the city because IT'S A CITY NOT A FARM!!! The local beat cop is going to stop by and explain this to the neighbors today. If this happens again tomorrow morning, I may get to learn to wring a chicken's neck. First I will try earplugs though.

Can I move to Alameda yet? It's where all the cool kids are. And no chickens.


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