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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Handy Dandy

Being the keeper of the Things Box for Fezziwigs came in handy today. I have an odd injury to my calf muscle that gave a hint to its existence a week ago, got worse at Friday Night Waltz after I got mightily kicked and landed funny, and made it's presence known loud and clear last night while I was doing the reel-a-thon. So, Mike said he'd had a similar issue and recommended a tight ace bandage wrapping and a few weeks without jumping about. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the not jumping about, but I reckon I'll be staying away from too much Irish and all polkas for a couple weeks. As for the ace bandage, I dug through a drawer this morning and couldn't find anything. Then I remembered the Things Box stashed in my office. Sure enough, there was a really cool ace bandage with a velcro strip to get started and a double velcro strip at the other end. The leg is now bound up and the support feels nice.


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