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Friday, July 27, 2007


Well thanks to 55 readers (I have 55 readers? Who knew!), I can now conclusively say that the great toilet paper orientation debate categorically does not split on gender lines. For both men and women, the preference was about 71% over the top, about 14% under the bottom, and about 14% with no preference.

The most commonly cited reason for under the bottom was cats who love to spin the roll and unwind a mighty pile of TP onto the floor. Best cat toy evar!

The oddest essay response was
When I was young (10 or younger) I heard that, statistically, affluent people are more likely to roll the toilet paper over the top and poor people are more likely to roll it over the bottom. I've always been poor, but I always roll the paper over the top.

Over the top responders were far more likely to take an arrogant stand that "it is the ONLY right way". Both sides suggested that it was easier to tear off their way. I tend to agree with the under the rollers on the tearing as pulling against the weight of the roll means it's less likely to unreel in the effort to tear. But I guess that just makes me weird like 14% of the population. Sounds about right.


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