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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sunday night we went to the Marin County Fair to dance Anne's Wedding Reel. We didn't win, but that was okay. It was still fun. We did get rock star parking for free as performers and at the Marin Fair, all of the rides were free, so I got to ride my two favorite carnival rides: Tilt-o-Whirl and Scrambler. Yay! The fireworks were good too, with the first half of the fireworks set to Star Wars tunes because it's Marin. Hello Lucas Ranch!

I did a wise thing this week. I took Monday and Tuesday off work. Monday I had big plans for housekeeping and getting stuff done. Didn't happen. Slept late, got up, puttered a bit, made breakfast, did laundry, snuggled the cat... and fell back asleep. But the second time I woke up - oh boy did I feel better!

Tuesday I woke up at a reasonable hour and headed over to Toyota to get my car serviced. It's hard to believe my "new" car has over 36,000 miles, but it's true. It's still the best car I've ever owned. I came home and mopped the floors and trimmed the trees and generally took care of chores. The only bummer is that I still have a fairly long list of things to-do including mending and picking the rest of the plums and planting the geraniums and weeding the back yard and cleaning out the garage. I could spend a whole week doing nothing but household chores and still have a list, but getting a few checked off was heartening.

We headed up to Erik's party for the 4th and it was lovely. I made a shoebox full of rice crispie treats that went over well. The party kept getting bigger and bigger. I went with the first expedition to the pool and swam until pruney. Came back, grilled up some unbelievably tasty pork medallions from the Nugget and had a lovely lunch followed by a nap on the lawn. More swimming became the order of the day, and someone called a game of Marco Polo. Several comments were made to the effect of, "I don't remember this being so much effort when I was 10." But a dozen folks in a pool thrashing about and playing was a very good time. Anselm has keen skill for slipping by under water.

Back to work today, and I can't shake the sense that it's Monday. I have to keep telling myself "no ceili tonight". Today should be a good test of our new attic insulation. Here's hoping the house stays relatively cool tonight.


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