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Monday, July 09, 2007


Went to FNW on Saturday. Someone asked why I wasn't doing Contra with Bob during the polka. I'd been aiming for Irish, but Bob had Contra forming in the middle, and I wanted something more... stompy. So I flew around the room utterly tiring out poor Jesse. Stompy goodness.

Drove past the Kwik-E-Mart on the way home. Wow.

Saturday we went for lunch at the Sonoma Chicken Coop with the Browncoats. Mikey gave me a lovely bag of apricots to go with my plums. Yum! The Banana Phylo Sundae is currently my favorite dessert on Earth. It is the stuff of fantasies.

Still in getting stuff done mode, I got my mending done on Saturday. Three items mended and now three dresses I get to wear again. All this while watching the box set of Lost that Michelle and Kerry loaned too long ago. I hope to finish it up soon so that I have an excuse to call up and say, "Hey, we simply must see you! Must return video!"

Played Bocce Ball for the first time at Kevin & Rachel's engagement party. Both of their families had flown in from far points of the country. It was a lovely evening. Fred managed to score the winning point with the most amazing roll ever with the ball stopping just an inch from the backstop. It was unbelievable. If I hadn't been standing right there to see it, no one would've believed it wasn't out. Fred graduates in 5 weeks. Yay! Can't wait to have him back to one job, one girlfriend, and a social life of his choosing.

Sunday went to see the Imaginary Invalid at ACT. Made a slow arcing journey up to the city, stopping in at the Kwik-E-Mart so that Rick could see, and having Rick find me the perfect little brown heels for the Paw Paw Club on the 21st. Also popped into H&M and found a cute bra, very reasonably priced. They tempted me with the little blue and white striped sailor bra and boy shorts, but didn't have it in my size. Too bad.

The Imaginary Invalid was our last ACT season pass show. After several years of frustrations with several less than stellar shows, long drives, parking frustrations, and other nonsense, we're looking at season tickets at San Jose Rep instead.


  • Let me know if you do San Jose Rep; I might want in.

    By Blogger tshuma, at 4:02 PM  

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