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Monday, August 06, 2007

Costume Geek Fun

I reviewed the first disc of Pride & Prejudice last week, and saw Becoming Jane with Rick on Friday night. I was ready to be Charlotte Lucas, to be the practical one who seeks not romance, but instead a comfortable situation where hopefully affection can grow.

Walking up to the Pride & Prejudice picnic on Saturday had the feel of a Seurat painting, though not quite that period. Indeed, a slightly earlier period.

David was once again my Papa, Sir Lucas.

David B. has more pictures available.

The locals couldn't quite make us out. One little boy was most put out that we were dancing on the walkway where he wanted to ride his bicycle and felt compelled to scold the dancers. Another set of folks out to walk the dog inquired where we were from. Once explained, he said, "Well thanks so much for picking our park. It's just lovely to see you all. So elegant."


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