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Friday, August 31, 2007


Went and did the Works Waltz fundraiser last night. It went well, but was not really well attended. Doing this during Burning Man probably wasn't the best idea. But, it was fun.

What wasn't fun was getting back to my car which I parked at the corner of 2nd and William and finding that something seemed to be funny with my left side. Noticed it when I dropped Paul at his car. Took a look at home, but it was too dark to make much of it. Looked at it more closely this morning and sure enough, somebody hit my car. Hit and run with no note. Grand.

So I called the insurance company this morning and spoke to a lovely lady who got me info on a local body shop. The adjuster will call later. And poor little Shadow is wounded. We'll see how this impacts my plans for the next couple of weeks. Harumph.


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