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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Some days I just have to wonder at the world. It really can be a great place. We can come together in the worst of circumstances. Our popular art trickles down to the lowest common denominator and we can create a thing of beauty from it.

Today's wonder at the glory of the human race is brought to you by the Prison Inmate's Thriller. In the Phillipines, Byron Garcia decided to try to do things a little differently, to try to build a little camaraderie and teamwork. He taught the prisoners some dance routines. And since the videos were posted on the web, the inmates also get a little bit of fame, just enough to encourage them to do more.

I look at the guys doing the Thriller moves I remember fondly from my youth. I have to wonder if my generation's love of the zombie genre stems in some part from our early memories of Thriller. And I look at the inmates dancing together in unison. They're doing something together. They're in prison for murder or drug charges or something but they are grabbing fifteen minutes of fame through dance. Encouraged to join a group activity, their lives are not just an utter waste. It just gives a girl hope for the world. We will tear ourselves and our society apart, but if some of us survive, we will always eventually take time to come together for the love of music and dance.


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