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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dickens Dress - Survey

I'm changing characters at Dickens this year. I'm now Mrs. Summerson, a 30ish widow who works as a sorter at Mr. Fezziwig's warehouse. My father, Mr. Drinkum (occasionally played by Arthur when he can drop in), has worked for Fezziwig's forever, having been hired as a young man by Mr. Fezziwig's grandfather. He's also a widower, and has lived with me since I married Mr. Summerson ten years ago. Mr. Summerson he died in a roadway accident about five years ago. I inherited his house where my father and I live. Mr. Summerson's brother inherited the cartage business and never liked me, so hasn't left me with much of an income. So, I work at the warehouse to support my father and myself. Father works too, even though he's too old, but Mr. Fezziwig would never fire him. Mr. Summerson and I had planned to have children, but things hadn't worked out yet. So it's just me and Papa.

Well that's the basic plan anyway as of Saturday. Next step: get a dress. So in the search for something totally unrelated, I managed to stumble across Cumberland River Sutlery. I'd been planning to make a dress with Janice, but she lives up in Davis and I live down in San Jose, which was going to make fittings and such tricky, and having something just magically arrive in the mail pre-made sounds really just too lovely and low stress. So the only thing left to do is to decide which dress. Mrs. Summerson isn't wealthy, so these would all likely be worn with petticoats instead of hoops, and with a work apron over it. So here's the dresses I've narrowed it down to:

- Eggplant Calico
- Green & Gold
- Navy & Sage
- Red & Taupe

Most of these are a 28 inch waist. In my comfy corset, my waist is 26 1/2 inches. In my fancy corset, it's just under 25 1/2 inches. The purple calico is the one 26 inch waisted dress, but I figure taking a dress in a smidgen is easy, and having room for the layers is wise. I should probably get something that isn't purple since I've been purple for seven years. I was hoping for a lovely bright blue like this, but nothing in my size. So, what do you think? Which one is the best for Mrs. Summerson?


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