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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Love My Job

Just when I'm having a truly craptastic day that involved forgetting everything I was planning to bring to dinner tonight, getting cutoff and passed on the shoulder of the freeway this morning while trying to merge into traffic (by a truly crazy woman with handicapped plates), spilling soda down the front of my dress at lunch, hearing that there's a rumor about us profiteering from the ceili, and more, I go to my 3:00 meeting with Jim. I know that I'm not getting a raise this year. That was part of the negotiation when I took the job and I'm so totally okay with that. But Jim managed to carve out a little bonus for me (which I was also originally led to believe wasn't possible) and had the loveliest paragraph ever on the letter:
As I look back, I'm almost awed at the number of projects to which you have provided support and the quantity and quality of the work you produced as part of that support. The variety of that work is additionally impressive. I appreciate all your dedication and commitment during a very challenging and exciting time in IT Services. I thank you for all your hard work for the past months.

It feels so good right now to be appreciated just a little bit.


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