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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Insufficient Reluctance

Throughout Dickens last year, I made it very clear that I'd be happy to help wherever I was needed, but that I had every intention of being an anonymous tea sorter at Fezziwigs. My consistent answer to "Who are you going to be next year?" has been "I'm going to be a nobody!"

However, this has failed to keep me from accruing responsibilities. Fred and I will be one of the three shift lead teams. I expect this to be loads of fun, usually easy work, and will give me an excuse to hang out with Frederik four hours a day. On Saturday, David asked if I'd be willing to be in charge of games. "Sure," says I, "whatever you need." Arthur caught this exchange and we'd laughed many times about how people become in charge of things. He proclaimed, "Insufficient reluctance!" A hearty laugh was had by all.

And so, my new personal tagline may be moving from Captain Oblivious to Insufficient Reluctance. (Oh who am I kidding - as if I'll ever shake Captain Oblivious.)


  • So, how do you think I got the job of Fezziwig's Director?

    Insufficient Reluctance.

    By Blogger Fezziwig, at 10:56 PM  

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