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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Security Profiteering

For the Pearl Harbor Memorial sites, you're no longer allowed to bring in any bags of any sort - no purses, no camera bags, no nothing. It's for security reasons. Because Pearl Harbor is SUCH a big target nowadays. Um... right. (At Disneyland or other similar places that might actually be a target, you can bring in any size bag or backpack you want.)

Anyway, we were prepared. With wallet, keys, and cell phone in hand we headed in. On the way in there were big signs posted around: High Theft Area - Do Not Leave Valuables in Car. Well yah, because you've just insisted we all leave our bags in the car. But wait - there's a bag check. Don't leave things in your car; just check your bags - for three dollars per item. Holy highway robbery Batman!


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