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Monday, August 20, 2007

Spoiled By My Prius

Driving around in Hawaii this week, I realized how utterly spoiled I was by my Prius. Here's why:

- I kept walking up to the car and pulling the door handle and being surprised when nothing happened. Then I'd remember and dig my keys out of my purse. Shadow (my Prius) lights up when I walk up and opens the door when I tug on it.
- I'd throw my keys in my purse and then realize I needed them to lock the car, so I'd dig them back out to lock it instead of pushing the magic button on the door handle.
- I'd accelerate gently and the transmission would immediately drop to a lower gear. The Prius never seems to need to drop gear to go.
- Turning right on red, I'd accelerate sharply to merge into traffic. The car would respond eventually after making me very very nervous and probably pissing off the person behind me. The Prius is always zippy.
- I had to start the engine before I could go. I missed my Power button.
- When I shifted into gear, the car automatically locked all the doors. To get out while the car was stopped, you had to shift it back to Park. And to get the keys out, you had to shift to Park. Again, I missed my Power button.
- The radio didn't automatically turn on and off with the car. I had to turn it on and off separately every time.

So after work today I'm taking the Prius for a bath. My Shadow is a wonderful car and I love her. With the tree in the back yard dropping berries on her, she's all sticky and gooey, but she deserves to be as shiny as she truly is.


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