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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dickens on the Brain

At FNW, Scott was helping the church get rid of leftovers and unclaimed items from their lost and found, and there was 4 yards of wool just looking for a home. They shall be the curtains for Fezziwigs so that when Red Barn decides to open the lobby to guests an hour and a half early, the Fezziwigs need not be fully on stage. This has seemed a preventable madness for the past couple of years, but it required someone to step up and say, "I'll make curtains so that it's not a problem." This goes way beyond insufficient reluctance and right into actual initiative. But this one really matters to me, because nothing ruins my morning more than being told we're going to be opening early and that my cup of coffee and my bowl of breakfast isn't period and has to go away. It elicits a rather un-Victorian response complete with many colorful expletives.

I also ordered a dress last week. I finally settled on the green and gold dress because I couldn't justify the extra $40 for the red and taupe when the green and gold was the most popular in the survey. The funny thing was that the green and gold was the number one pick, but also the number one for least preferred. The red and taupe was only one person's least preferred, so I almost went with that. Hopefully it will arrive shortly and need very little tailoring and I'll be dressed for the season.


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