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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feeling Better

For the past two months I've been fighting a calf injury. I tore a little muscle in my calf, and I've been trying to be relatively kind to it. This has meant all flat shoes (because any heel at all aggravated it) and avoiding dancing that hurts it. This means polkas and Irish.

I have Irish every Monday whether I should do it or not.

So it's been slow going, with a few set backs, and there may be more. But last night, for the first time in two months, my legs did what I told them, didn't demand that I go flat footed, didn't demand that I stop and stand aside. Nope. There was a hint of pain that reminded me to be very very careful, but nothing screaming to stop right now.

And I feel so much better. When life is stressful (which it has been lately), I usually dance and feel better. Having that resource taken away, yet still having to suit up and attend and find the balance between the desire to dance and the pain it caused, all of that made the stress much much worse. One night of dancing, not yet trusting the leg, but having it be cooperative, and I'm feeling so much better.

Add to that a bit of schadenfreude for dear friends who are far worse off than I and I feel like I'm getting my spunk back. Whew. I was really starting to miss it. I don't like the grumpy-sad version of me.

Now if I could just have my car and my ATM card back I could start really moving forward again.


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