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Monday, September 10, 2007

Mouse in the House

I've never had to deal with mice in the house before. It feels very different than bugs. With bugs (ants, roaches, earwigs, spiders, etc.), squishing them doesn't seem so awful. It's just a bug. But with a mouse, it's a mammal, and it's kind of cute, and it has eyes that look at you with the same panic you're looking at it with.

So here's hoping that between our steel wool and duct tape patches around the house and the ultrasonic rodent annoyance device, we won't actually have to kill any of them. If we do, I went for the D-Con brand traps that snap shut and kill the little guy and you just pick up the entire disk and discard it. The thought of dealing with traditional mouse traps was more than I could handle, and poison seemed dangerous since Pixel will put almost anything in his mouth, including a dying mouse. Also, I know they're pests and really need to be killed to be controlled, but lordy I'm a big old softy and I just don't wanna.


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