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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Of Cars and Car Repairs

I talked to the shop about my car repairs today. Turns out they found more damage once they took off the outer panels. It's a few more days in the shop for Shadow. Oh how I miss my little Prius!

Meanwhile, I'm driving a basic model Saturn Ion. It's the younger version of my former '93 Saturn SL, and I'm sad to report that it's a step backwards from the old Saturn in so many ways. It's missing some basics included in the base model I got in '93 like a trunk light and an interior fueling door release. The bottom of the door frame is oddly high and tripped both Rick and I this weekend. The bottom of the window is also higher, which Rick liked at his height, but at my height it makes me feel like I'm sitting in a hole, and it's not comfortable to rest my elbow there.

The thing that amazes me though is what a hugely symbiotic relationship I've developed with my car in the year I've had it. I accidentally left my dance shoes in the sub-trunk, because that's where they live. I'm used to carrying a lot more stuff and still being able to get in the car gracefully rather than having to stop and dig out a key to unlock it. Of course, I keep forgetting to lock it as well since there's no button on the outside for locking, so that's no good. And making a call in the car is much more dangerous because I have to dig out my phone, make the call, and hold it to my head. To answer a call, I can't just press a button on my steering wheel, but have to actually fish out the phone. It's just really weird how all of this has become second nature to me. Bryan said I was a "Car 2.0 person now." That made me giggle.

The final bummer is that I have to get new Access OK stickers for Shadow, which may or may not be possible. I've sent in the paperwork, so we shall see. If those are gone because of this, I'll be really really sad. Commuting to work this week has been far more time consuming.


  • I'd just let calls go to voice mail while you're in the car, or draft a passenger into answering them. Distractions are dangerous while driving

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 10:37 PM  

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