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Friday, September 07, 2007

Stupid Ammy & Her ATM Card

So for the second time in the past two weeks, I've misplaced my ATM card. It went missing about 2 weeks ago on a Friday, defied all attempts to find it, but didn't accrue any new charges. Only the stuff I'd made before misplacing it was on there. After a full week of hunting through my wallet and my purse, calling Trader Joe's (the last place it was used), digging through my car, and generally coming to the point where I was just ready to surrender and count it lost, it suddenly reappeared in my wallet as if it had been there the whole time. This was very cool, so I just took it as a blessing and moved on.

Except my ATM card disappeared sometime after lunch on Tuesday again. The last thing I did was to deposit the ceili funds and go to lunch. I paid for lunch with cash. When I went to use my ATM card yesterday afternoon, it wasn't there. So I dug through my purse a bit, then checked my account and nothing was amiss. The last purchase I'd made was from home via the internet, so I thought maybe I'd left it there (not remembering at the time that I'd used it to deposit cash on Tuesday). So this morning I looked all over the house to no avail. Then I came back, emptied my wallet, checked for a transdimensional pocket, and finding none, return to my perplexed state. Again, nothing is amiss with my account, so I think it is once again misplaced, not stolen. (The last time my ATM/Check card was stolen, it had charges starting 10 minutes after it disappeared at the same gas station where it went missing.)

So I guess I'm just losing my mind or the karma fairy is having some good fun with me. All I know is that I pretty much use my ATM/Check card for everything, and now I'm stuck and just plain confused.


  • Was it a Wells Fargo ATM?, I'm figuring you left it in the ATM machine because Wells Fargo has that interface where it keeps your card until you are completely done with the transaction and you have to push a button to ask for it back.
    Citibank and Wamu have the 'swipe and immediately return' method, which I like much better.

    So contact Wells Fargo (or the operators of the ATM you used last) and see if they have it.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 10:53 AM  

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