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Monday, September 10, 2007

Stupid Wells Fargo and My Stupid ATM Card and My Stupid Inability to Keep Track of Things. Grr.

Never have found my ATM card. I think Chris may be right and it may have been lost to the machine due to Wells Fargo's annoying habit of not returning the card until the end of your transactions. I called to ask about whether or not my card might've been left in the machine, and they said that cards are sucked back into the machine after 10 seconds and that they're destroyed when the machine is serviced. I asked if they recorded the card number and name in case the customer inquired and he said no. This makes me very grumpy. So I may never know what became of my ATM card. But I'm going to be without it for at least another 2 weeks (10 business days), and then it will take time to transfer all of my automatic payments over to the new card. Gah! I really feel like I'm running on empty these days with way too many stupid traffic lights turning red as I approach.


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