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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Here's to the military advancing technology that may one day help us all. I would love to have my car drive me to work while I sit back and read a book or nap. It should be possible. It's been predicted in so much sci-fi, but it's just not here yet. At the very least, we should all be able to approach a freeway entrance and have auto-drive take over and smooth the way. I suspect traffic would improve significantly if it wasn't all about individual decisions made by each driver (many of which are likely to be as poor as the folks involved in the 3 accidents I passed on the way to work this morning, including the guy who clearly lane-changed right into the wheel well of a big truck), but instead based on merging into a grid with everyone moving at a consistent speed and changing lanes minimally.

And again, it's interesting how much technology is pushed forward by the needs of two big spenders: the military and the porn industry. Interesting bedfellows.


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