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Monday, October 22, 2007

Evie Touched My Chicken

Folsom Faire was fun this weekend. Sure, not everything went as planned. I lost a battle with a salami and probably should've gotten some stitches, but my finger is healing nicely, and I had the cutest Little Bunny Foo Foo bandage on Saturday. Sarah even made little tape ears for me. This totally rocked. The new scar will likely connect gracefully to the existing scar on my left forefinger that I've had since I was two.

Speaking of two year olds, we had an hour Sunday morning where Sara turned into Milton from Office Space. She kept walking up to anyone who might listen and saying, "Evie touched my chicken." First of all it took a little bit to decipher what she was saying. Possible variants included "Evie looked at my chicken." and "Evie licked my chicken." and "Evie took my chicken." I'm honestly not sure what the real truth was, all I know is that Sarah had gotten a foam chicken from the 15th anniversary party on Saturday night and she REALLY liked it and was totally distressed when Evie (Chris & Tara's 15 month old daughter) decided to infringe on the chicken's space. Chris finally decided to take a video of Sarah talking about the chicken. This will be gold for Sarah's teenage years.

Sarah took very good care of her chicken for the rest of the day, always carrying it around in a little basket. Later in the day, James donated a second chicken so that both Evie and Sarah could have a foam chicken. This was good.

Anyway, chicken drama included, it was a lovely faire. There had been enough rain during the week to ensure no dust, but not enough to turn the park into a mud pit.


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