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Monday, October 22, 2007

FNW Halloween

The first Halloween costume event of the season was Friday Night Waltz. I wore my Dorothy outfit, ruby slippers and all. Anthony took pictures:

It was crowded. Richard is a great teacher with a very strong following. It was more crowded than I'd seen FNW in a while. The swing rueda mixer was fun, but the group kept setting up the circles as spirals or unconnected circles. It was frustrating, but we got through it. It just gives me visions of things I'll face a lot in the next few months at Dickens. I grabbed a fresh faced beginner for the Congress and led him through it. Turns out it was Louise's boyfriend and she was hoping he'd get a chance at "Ammy dance boot camp." I think that was a complement. Anyway, the boy did just fine and I expect to see him back again soon.


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