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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Irony - Time Tracking

For as long as I can remember, one of my goals was to have a job where I didn't have to punch a time clock. Worked hard, got that, but guess what - in my chosen career path, you pretty much still have to track your time so that it can be billed to the right projects. At Ernst & Young, this meant dealing with truly horrific software that led me to computer abuse. Yes, I did actually hit it and scream at it, because after thwarting me by dumping my data before I left the client site, then doing the same stuff again when I got home and doing it on my very short weekend was just not okay. There are rules and laws that are supposed to keep a professional from having to do this right? Well yah, but it's time tracking not related to how I get paid so, no. And no I don't get paid for the overtime either. And there's no category to record the half hour spent on trying to enter all the hours of real work. Harumph.

But I left the consulting world behind, free of all that time tracking. I did the happy dance. Then Stanford IT installed Journyx and time tracking resumed and it sucked. The UI designer should be strung up and scrolled side to side until they die. Gah.

For my deep hatred of time tracking software, I got a gift from the karma fairy - a chance to implement time tracking software. It started well. It was fun to do the analysis and work out the structure and try to ensure that it was better than the time tracking stuff I'd used before. But then there was the re-org of doom. So I got to redo all the work. But it went live and life went on.

Then I changed jobs and had to use the old, horrible, sideways scrolling Journyx software again. The karma fairy laughed in the corner.

So this summer I get a call from one of the project managers. They're looking at changing tools for resource planning and time tracking and they're looking at Unanet.

So now, because I did not learn the lesson I was sent to learn last time, I am now working on implementing Unanet time tracking and resource planning again. Perhaps this time I will learn to love time tracking.

But when I went to enter my time for today in Journyx, I got about half way through, and then it wouldn't save my entries. I tried opening it again in another browser, but it says the server is not found, so I can't enter my four hours of working on time tracking analysis in the time tracking tool.

Yep, it's definitely time to go home!


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