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Friday, November 02, 2007

Busy Busy Day

I thought today might be a little busy. It went from a little to a whole heck of a lot busy. I take this pause now because I need to reset my brain before diving into the org chart again. Oh yes, Unanet ate my life. And before I go tonight, I must write an article for our newsletter saying Unanet is close to being done (ha!) and to please keep entering time in the old system. I just keep waiting for the muse to strike on that one and it isn't there yet.

But, on the plus side, I finished hemming my dress for Dickens last night, and I expect to sew on the hooks during morning meeting or my first workshop tomorrow so that maybe, just maybe, I can do costume approval and get that out of the way. I took the advice of several and did not use scissors, but instead just folded up a huge piece of hem. This didn't give me a cutting of the fabric to create a pocket, but that's okay. I can either have a mismatched pocket or no pocket.

Okay, must write to more managers about abbreviations for their organizations. Must come up with inspiring newsletter article about Unanet. Must email SIP Phone volunteers. So... sleepy...


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