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Monday, November 05, 2007

Dickens Daze

And then I turned my life and my will over to Dickens.

Saturday I headed to workshops and did the workshops and rehearsal. Rather than going out to any one of the fun options out there in the world (Mobster's Ball, Vampire Ball, or the SF Speakeasy party), I opted to come home, eat pizza and watch a movie while sewing hooks on my dress for costume approval the next day. I finished that about 12:30 and headed to bed (completely and utterly forgetting about DST until NPR said "The time is seven o'clock" when my alarm went off at what I thought would be 8am). Back to sleep a little, but up and at 'em for more Dickens workshops. I promptly struck fear into the hearts of all at lunch with me by having just finished my Cockney language workshop and still being mostly in accent. Fezziwigs rehearsal went well, including the bit where Surrey came and told us about the feel of London in the first Christmas after WW2. It's a good flavor for what we're trying to recreate, even if the timing is a hundred years off. Wrapped up and headed home to put together my bonnet with the knowledge from my Victorian Millinery workshop. After an hour of shopping and three hours of fussing with my hat, it's starting to look almost froofy enough. At Jo-Ann's, I found a truly fabulous pinecone/berry/holly thing for $1.19 that really makes the hat.

So from waking to sleeping, both days were utterly consumed by Dickens. I woke up this morning wondering why my alarm was going off on Sunday. Then I remembered it wasn't Sunday, it was Dickens season.


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