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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Arg. I finally surrender to Facebook. I'm not yet sure why I should join this after Friendster>Tribe>Orkut>LinkedIn. It won't be getting any time investment. But I draw the line here. No one is going to talk me into MySpace. I've hit way too many insanely loud and annoying pages via MySpace to ever want anything to do with it.


  • At least Facebook has no annoying music.

    Here's what I said to Kendra awhile ago - it seems like everyone is asking the same question this week. :)

    I prefer Facebook to MySpace, hands down.

    I think the main thing to remember in comparing Tribe to Facebook though, is the intended use. Tribe is for socializing with ones peers, first and foremost. Facebook started out as a networking tool (which is different than a *social* networking tool) - as in "schmoozing the boss" and "doing favors for the alma mater", and NOT in the sense of "organizing parties". As such, Facebook is an AMAZING resource for keeping in casual touch with people from school, and work, people you've met at industry functions, and so on. As someone who forgets names really easily, it's helping me remember folk who I meet at events, because I have a visual cue (picture) and a name to go with.

    So, yeah. Tribe is for fun, Facebook is for business.

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