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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fire's Out... For Now

Well that was interesting. The project that kept stealing all of my time just set back its schedule by a month, pushing the roll-out into January. This is good because it means that I don't have to try to compose all of the user materials between now and next week for a business process that's still unclear. The downside is that I now have 3 major projects vying for my time come January. Whereas everything was neatly laid out earlier this year, everything is piling up in a big train wreck in January and February. Hmm.

The other good news on that is that everyone agrees that January is the time to try to clone me again. We tried that 9 months ago and failed because there aren't a lot of people looking for work with communications, curriculum design, training, consensus building, web-based learning development, and documentation experience. Better yet, someone with all of that background and a familiarity with Stanford. Yeah.


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