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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Journeyman is amazing television. No one is watching it, which is a crying shame, but seriously, there is no show that does a better job of leaving you hanging on the possible permutations, and then never goes with the easy way out. Each week a new rock is overturned, adding richness to the total texture. It's a sci-fi novel developing rapidly with a weekly episodic hook to escort in the uninitiated. I am so very impressed. It is not Quantum Leap. It is not Voyagers. It is so much more complex and meaty than television usually gets. I'm almost certain it will die, a casualty of the writer's strike and low ratings, but that will be a terrible loss.

Two weeks ago, I thought we finally had a weak episode, until I realized that it wasn't what it looked like. It was a big wind-up for what happens when you go off track. This week was the pitch, and before the opening credits rolled, they'd caught me and elicited a blood-curdling scream. Intense. So intense, all through the episode. And never did it unfold simply and easily. Wog.

I'm also loving Pushing Daisies. I'm impressed that my two favorite shows are both brand new.

On the other hand, after Jaime Sommers decided to be a "rules" girl and talk to her boyfriend while on a mission, I'm so very done with the Bionic Woman. Ugh. That show is always taking the easy way out. So disappointing.

But seriously, if you're not watching Journeyman, you're really missing out.


  • Hmmm...I'll have to find out when Journeyman is on. I remember seeing previews for it before the season and being intrigued, but never caught up with it when it came on. It sounds interesting, and I really love Kevin McKidd.

    By Blogger Matt, at 9:23 PM  

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