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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Schwag Rebellion

So for the third time in a month, I've been offered a shirt with a company logo on it. First was Remedy. Next was the IT Services Open House polo shirt. Just now it was a Zimbra shirt. Invariably, these shirts are produced in China, shipped across the ocean, and a logo is added either here or there, and they are distributed and generally worn once or never or as gardening garb. I had to take the Open House shirt because it was the required uniform, but I've refused the other two on the principal of avoiding excess consumption. I just don't need these shirts. I don't even like these shirts. Most other folks don't actually like them either. A quick trip through Goodwill will show how many corporate logo shirts end up unwanted. Why is this such standard schwag associated with software products? How do we bring sustainable practices to the worst offenders: the marketing department?


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