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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Take me to the Blueberry Pressing Room!

I just went to lunch with my coworkers. I'm changing reporting structures so that I now report to Christopher instead of Jim (which only makes me a little sad), so we took the whole group out to lunch at the Faculty Club. Now I'm stuffed and I have to do work. This is not good. I just wanna put on a comfy pair of jammies and curl up with a good book.

In other news, generally it's better if you dance on your feet instead of your knees. Last night Shauna put an "Anne's Wedding Reel" demo on the set list. Not sure why, but I went with it. We hadn't practiced or anything and after the past few weeks of it being very chilly in the dance room, I'd opted for long sleeves and my wide leg stretchy pants. (It was, of course, not chilly in there at all last night.) On the lead around, my sneaker caught in my pants leg and I landed on both knees. Luckily, it was both knees to spread the pounds per square inch impact out a bit, but still, I've got very bruised knees this morning. This also makes me want to put on a comfy pair of jammies and curl up with a good book.

But I have too much to do!
- iPass Tech Express presentation doc
- Unanet training guide
- update Project list for Unanet
- write an article on Sustainable IT for Speaking of Computers
- review the Remedy docs Chris Lundin started and comment
- prepare a survey for virtual phone volunteers
- kick-off meetings for the Integrated Email & Calendar (Zimbra) implementation

But I still want my comfy jammies time dangit.


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