Almost there...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost There?

You know that part where a carnival ride has stopped being powered but it hasn't actually stopped yet, where it's sort of coasting to a halt. I think I'm there. Tonight my late night may actually get me out of here by 7. Better yet, I don't have that crazed, freaked-out look in my eyes that was worrying my coworkers. I've produced a mountain of work in the last 2 weeks and training for Unanet has gone well with all but one group, and that group was folks who were on the project team so they knew too much. We'll see how that all plays out when we get back from Christmas. But all of the Speaking of Computers articles are done, even the evil article of infinite revision. ITS in Bits was published this morning, so there's nothing left to do there. I've got to work on some Remedy stuff today and do one more management training tomorrow and then... I'm done for the holiday? Yeah, I think so. This is good.


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