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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

Just had a meeting that was too long coming. The Integrated Email & Calendar project has issues because it got started late because of a security project that leapt out of nowhere and took every resource. So we finally got started on stuff in early November. I wrote up a communications plan and an article for Speaking of Computers and an email to go out to a bunch of folks across campus. That was all over a month ago. None of it has gone out or been completed because it needs to be reviewed by this person or that person or this group is concerned and we need it to come from that person and this committee should review it and...

And well, in the meantime there was this whole plan to clone me which hasn't happened yet, so I'm working my second 12 hour day this week in an attempt to fold space and make more time. If some of the work I'm doing would just become done, I would survive, but after at least a half dozen trips around the mulberry bush on one silly article and still no sign off, I'm exhausted. I'm afraid that really showed in that meeting. But, the upside is that I've been promised a job requisition for an Ammy clone before we leave for the holidays with the fond hope that there will be resumes waiting for me like Christmas presents when I return. But then there's interviewing and hiring and realistically I don't envision actual help until February because this process, like pretty much everything else from the month of November, has gotten delayed in 30+ days of discussion. This leaves me to figure out how to excel at doing at least twice as much as I have time to do in the month of January. One thing is certain - I can't do it all if I have to make extra trips around the mulberry bush. I'm going to lean on Jim and Christopher to enforce efficiency over absolute thoroughness. Hopefully the cracks in my veneer have made it clear that that's the only way I'll survive right now.


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