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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stuff That Isn't Dickens

So my life continues to exist regardless of Dickens.

Last night, I picked up Dirk at the train station and we headed to the ceili. Good dancing was had by all. His new company, Tableau Software, sounds like their doing great stuff. It's really great to hear him excited about work again after years of life at Microsoft eating his soul.

I had a plumber out yesterday. After a couple of hours and $185, we have a working sink that actually drains. This is great. Hand-washing dishes sucks. I missed my dishwasher. For the amount of effort the plumber put in, he really earned his $185. Unsurprisingly, the phrase, "Hunh, that's just weird. I don't know why that's like that." came up again. The cleanout on the side of the house seems to be sealed with lead. It spins and spins, but won't ever come open. So, he went through from under the sink. He had to cut the pipe and replace part to get there, but he got there eventually, and now I have my kitchen sink back and a much greater appreciation for how to treat my garbage disposal very kindly.

Grandpa has been in and out of the hospital for the past few weeks. He's back there again today with chest pains. I wanted to go visit yesterday, but I seem to be harboring some of the Dickens epidemic so I figured sharing that would be ill advised. Stayed home and hung out with the plumber instead. Somehow, we have to convince him that his version of taking it easy is not what the doctors are talking about. (His version involves moving firewood and hanging Christmas lights.)

Last Monday (a week ago) Elizabeth and I spent the day together. Sean chauffeured us to the nail salon and while we got our feet soaked and scrubbed and massaged and painted, he took her car to get it washed and went to the watch repair shop to get the battery replaced in her Dickens watch. That man is a knight in shining armor (or at least in shining mini-van at that moment). We went to lunch at Mudd's afterwards. This was also a sublime treat. Afterwards, we sat on the sofa together and read through the email on the cast list. With different email readers, these arrived in different order to each of us. She'd read me a few and I'd read her a few. The very "high school" experience of it all was one best shared together with a best girlfriend.

My former boss Jim reads me awfully well. We talked briefly today and he said, "This is an expression I don't think I've seen on you before. It's almost like a combination of completely exhausted and really frustrated." Um, yeah. He suggested I take a nap. I instead must compose a job aid for a training session I'm doing tomorrow and am completely unprepared for. The Unanet project is getting in the way of other more important projects and that's really annoying. In theory, it goes live January 7th, but I don't believe it yet. Tomorrow I introduce it to the project managers, ready or not. Wish me luck.


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