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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


And what did you do today little girl?

Well, I
- talked to my mom to see if grandpa was still in the hospital or going home today
- had a SIP Client project meeting
- sent Emily a Happy Birthday email
- sent Grandpa a Happy Birthday e-card
- taught the project managers how to enter time, create projects, plan and assign resources to a project, configure shared reports, and save their own personal reports.
- had a Remedy 7 project meeting
- totally forgot to go to my Big Fix Power Management pilot meeting
- which allowed me to file some stuff that was cluttering my desk and read email
- wrote back to Abra at Alameda Ballet Academy to assure her that it was not the ceili dancers who left a mess and broke her furniture
- spent an hour and a half poking through Remedy 7 with one of the techs, her getting QA feedback and me prepping to write documentation
- called Grandpa to wish him a Happy Birthday
- typed up notes for the past five Zimbra Outreach meetings
- updated the Unanet Job Aids
- mailed the Unanet job aids to all of the project managers
- followed up on the Sustainable IT/Big Fix traffic signal/trees/squares debacle
- updated the Integrated Email & Calendar communications plan to prepare for meeting tomorrow
- opened the eyeBeam user guide to find it is tragically 71 pages long. Decided not to cry. Printed the whole thing. Grumble. Decided writing the quick reference guide could wait until tomorrow.
- updated the Sustainable IT communications plan instead
- sent follow-up email to ResComp about Big Fix
- sent follow-up email to Chris about R7 user guide
- entered my time on the old time tracking system

And you know what? With all that, I managed to get a hot lunch, sit for 30 minutes and read a book, and that little detail made all the rest of it so much less stressful. But now I'm a tired monkey and it's time to go home.


  • Thanks for taking care of that ceili thing, I should have known that table was going to be trouble. I saw the girls that were doing it, they were there well before us.

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 12:53 AM  

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