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Monday, January 14, 2008


There's a special breed of housekeeping that comes from living in the same place for more than 3 years. It's not the basic vacuum, mop, clean the mirror, clean the toilet, scrub the bathtub kind of cleaning. It's the "Oh my god, how did this get so disgusting?" This weekend's adventures in housekeeping included emptying the plastic-ware cabinet and matching lids to containers and disposing of everything without a match. (Thank goodness our local recycling is so good!) It also involved scrubbing the bathroom walls to remove the accumulated dust. Dust? On a wall? Yup, and all nicely glued down from years of being steamed into place. Last weekend it was rolling out the fridge and cleaning under it, and on top of it, and on top of the dryer. It was also mopping the floors and treating it with a polish restorer. (Actual floor refinishing is still another few years off.) And really, I've been tackling these big household cleaning projects diligently since Christmas, and yes, it's looking better, but it's also amazing how much there is left to do.

The really odd part is this is usually the stuff you do when you move out from renting a place. Or at least, that's what I've always done until now, usually having lived places for 2-3 years and then moving on. Is this part of that whole growing up thing?


  • since you are cleaning around the dryer... make sure to dust out the outlet hose, lint builds up heavily there and can cause a fire, should be done every one to two years.

    By Blogger Barely Proper, at 5:08 PM  

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