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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Been A Noisy Evening

So I went to Campbell's tap class which was again really stressful but in a very physical way (which is okay, because it's different than work stress and totally gets my mind off of it). Then I went to the Treehouse and picked up dinner. Then I came back to the office and came in juggling my dinner and my purse and my shoes. And then I noticed the alarm sound. Oh god.

It's worse than the Jeopardy theme song. And while it's playing, I have to remember my 8 digit ID number (which I never use), and then be able to type in the last 5 digits of the 8 digit number.

I failed the first try.

I failed the second try.

And then the alarm went off. It's not a little bell or something vaguely gentle. It's all out multiple alarms, all clashing together and louder than a rock concert. I close my eyes. I still can't remember the number smoothly. So I walk down to my office (alarm still blaring), put down my dinner and my tap shoes (alarm still blaring), unlock the door (alarm still blaring), put my purse down (alarm still blaring), pull my ID card with my ID number on it out of my purse (alarm still blaring), walk back to the keypad and type in the number and press "SILENCE". Okay. So then I call the alarm company and notify them. And then I go collect my things from the hall and sit down and try to eat my dinner.

And now I'm supposed to get some work done, but I'm pretty sure this just jangled my last nerve.


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