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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So What's It Like?

So the interviewee asks, "So tell me about a day in your life." Um, okay, so here's today:
9:20 arrive. Coffee & Oatmeal while reading email.
- confirm no SSP for IEC on Friday
- deal with SIP issues
10:15 start testing Nortel 2001 doc
10:50 take Nortel doc to Nuriya and go over changes and issues
11:00 1 on 1 with manager
11:30 leave for SoE Ex Com meeting. Pick up projector en route.
Noon demo Zimbra to Engineering faculty and deans
1:15 walk back and drop off projector
1:24 realize there is no shot at lunch and opt for soda instead.
1:30 Remedy 7 meeting. Sponsor decides to go for current launch date even though we haven't tested everything yet and we're going live in 3 weeks.
2:45 arrive late to Big Fix meeting. Drive meeting mercilessly and get something productive done in 15 minutes.
3:00 meet with DDD managers on Unanet.
3:45 check email
4:00 interview Campus Readiness candidate
5:00 talk to Nuriya about Nortel doc updates
5:10 discuss interviewee with manager
5:30 go acquire food. Realize I was WAY too hungry.
6:30 final revisions to Nortel doc. Realize speed dial still doesn't work as documented. Hope to heck that this can be edited and printed in the morning before training at 2pm.
6:45 read email
7:00 go to Campbell's tap class. Holy crap terrifying! But good.
8:00 start on Tech Briefing for R7
10:40 send rough draft to Chris for review
11:00 go home and be ready to come back at 9 tomorrow.

Christopher asked me to stop because I was going to scare her off. Could be true, but it really is like this sometimes. There were days in August where all I had to do was watch an online training course, read my email, and think about updating the campus groups document and work on defining my job. Today wasn't that day though.


  • Drat. I wish I'd followed up on the "you know I'm not going to have time for lunch to day" by asking if you wanted me to bring you something from the GSB basement.

    By Blogger tshuma, at 10:31 AM  

  • Don't give the interviewee the busiest day just by itself, explain there's a range and remember that once you have someone else, both your days get less busy (or that the plan right ?).
    Yeah for interviews!

    By Blogger Chrisfs, at 1:00 AM  

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