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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stress Monkey!

When is a day off not a day off?
When you wake up trying to compose an email for one project and visualizing a presentation for another after dreaming about a third project going horribly badly. Then you get up, start working on stuff, and don't get as much done as you want.

And by 9:55 on Tuesday I was already stressed to capacity. Before the end of my 11am meeting, I just wanted to go hide in the bathroom and cry. (For the record, it was the email asking for a demo of Zimbra that they want me to do tomorrow for the Engineering faculty even though I haven't looked at Zimbra since last summer. That was the final straw.)

Eight projects is too much. Can't deal. I just keep thinking, "If I finish this one more thing, then this project will fade into background noise." But it keeps not working. The 9:55 call was from a project I thought I wouldn't have to look at again for at least a month. They need major documentation revisions before Friday because they built a new installer wrapper. And my Unanet meeting at 11 was supposed to be the project close meeting, and I walked away with two new pieces of documentation to create and the email assignment I knew I already had, plus I now need to schedule and hold a makeup training session for the stragglers.

At least my 4pm meeting is an interview for the second Campus Readiness person.

I will get through this. It will be a long week.


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