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Monday, February 25, 2008

Biff! Pow!

Saturday I started the day with a self-defense class offered by the Stanford Kenpo Club. It was a great class. They let us beat up on them as much as we wanted, stomping and punching and wriggling out of holds. In general it was nice to know my basic instincts are good and that everything I ever learned from tickle fights applies here, save for if it's real, then you don't have to feel bad about leaving marks. Saturday evening I toddled off to Gaskells, but even then, I knew I was starting to get stiff. I'd pulled one muscle in my back on a mislanded punch and I was pretty sure that Sunday morning I'd be feeling rather old.

Sure enough, Sunday I woke up, and went back to sleep again, having absolutely no desire to move at all. After several rounds of that, I rolled out of bed around eleven and didn't want to move at all. So I went and sat very still on the sofa, waiting for Rick to wake up so that we could grab some breakfast and I could take a handful of Advil. I gave up after another hour of being patient and decided to work on getting dressed.

All in all, yesterday went very slowly. I didn't get done nearly what I'd intended to do and I frequently succumbed to, "Oh lemme just sit very still here for a minute."

And all I can wonder is if I feel like this, how do those poor guys who we were wailing on feel?


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