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Friday, February 22, 2008

Donated Blood

I got an email from the Blood Center today and realized that I was 1. not sick, 2. didn't have big plans tonight, and 3. didn't have any meetings this afternoon after 2. So I called up to see if I could get an impromptu appointment and they said, "Sure!" So I drove over at 2:30 and let the vampires have their pint of blood. This had the added benefit of giving me a few minutes to finish the last 30 pages of Expendable, which I can highly recommend. Emily handed it to me when I had a "No more chick lit!" outburst a month or so ago and it was definitely the perfect antidote. Good chewy sci-fi that launched on a foundation of uncomfortable truth and kept going with strong characters, good lit references, and a plausible denouement.


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