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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My Zimbra demo at 10 went well. There were several things I hadn't thought of, but one I figured out how to do on the fly and others that we said we'd look into it. I was here til ten prepping for the demo, and back at 8:30. At lunch I went and had my usual taco and side of beans and since the indoor tables were full, I found a spot in the Beckman basement lobby sofa. After eating my lunch, I was going to finish a few more pages of my book before heading back, and I promptly dozed off. Waking up in a very public space at your place of work is a bit disconcerting. But now I'm off to do my final Remedy Changes training session. Believe it or not, next week it looks like I may have the right amount of work for a single mere mortal. Hooray for 8 hour work days in my future!


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