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Monday, March 31, 2008

Clothing Swap Redux

The clothing swap was a big success. As per the norm, my favorite old items all found homes and I actually managed to take away less than I offered up this time, so I count that a victory. Turns out that Ari's old shirts are a pretty good fit for me, so I've got some lovely new work shirts and a cute little halter top sweater. I think Rene was the big winner for the evening as everything super cute seemed to look totally fabulous on her. Also, Karen from Decadance seemed to be the perfect size to fit something from everybody. Apparently we've all passed through her size at some point, so she kept finding totally fabulous stuff.

We bagged up everything at the end of the night and I hauled it off to the thrift store this weekend. Turns out there was enough that it actually ended up being two trips to the thrift store, so I decided to hit two different stores. Saturday night I headed to the second thrift store, the Savers in Milpitas, and handed off the remaining skirts and tops. The Savers is slightly evil (in a totally good way), because in addition to your donation receipt, they give you a coupon for 20% off in the store. Danger! Yeah, so I ended up being a bit later to Anselm & Gerbille's housewarming than I planned, but I totally scored at the Savers.

Turns out, Naturalizer makes (or has made in the past) a wide shaft boot, and there was a pair there for $6.99 in size 7 1/2. Now my usual experience with zip up boots is that I slip my foot in, start to zip, and get to my Irish dance calves and give up. Or I get to my calf, struggle, make an indent in my finger of the zipper pull, and then give up. With these, I slipped my foot in, pulled the zipper, and zipped right to the top of the boot. Blinking in disbelief, I read the tag more carefully. No, really, "wide shaft" means "fits dancer calves". So, nice new-to-me boots. Yay! Add to that a cute little navy pleated skirt, a green long-sleeve tee in just the weight and shade I'd been looking for, and a little grey ribbed turtleneck, and all for less than $20.

Unfortunately, while rummaging through the attic last night, I stumbled on my other, previously pulled bag of clothes for a clothing swap. Doh! Well, I'm ready for the next one already, so I hope someone has another one soon.


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